Being Arrested for Drugs that Weren’t Yours – Colorado Possession Laws

Are you wondering what to do because you were arrested for drug possession for drugs that were not yours? Being arrested can be a scary experience, especially when drug possession is involved. Here’s some information on Colorado possession laws:

Drug Possession Attorney in Boulder, CO

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According to the law in Colorado, drug possession charges may be either actual, or constructive. That is to say, if you are in close enough proximity to the drugs to possibly exercise control over the drugs, you may still be charged with drug possession–even though the drugs were not in your actual possession.

Questions you need to ask:

  • How were the drugs found by law enforcement?
  • How close to the drugs were you?
  • Were the drugs in a pocket, backpack, or wallet?

Typically, all an officer needs to charge you with possession is for the defended to be in the same location as the drugs, be it a car or shared residence. Situations like these can be tricky. It is easier for officers to charge multiple than get to the bottom of the story by taking the time to discover the facts in the situation.

Are you dealing with drug possession charges in Boulder, CO?

Just because the drugs found near you did not belong to you does not necessarily mean that the charges will be dropped. If you have been charged with drug possession based on constructive possession, contact Attorney Paul Stuber today at (303) 351-5140 for a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Don’t fight these charges alone. We are here to fight for the rights of our clients.