Is Facebook a Legal Risk? Info About Authenticating Facebook Evidence.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Boulder, CO | (303) 351-5140 Social networking on sites like Facebook has its advantages and one major disadvantage. While sharing in your friend’s lives can be rewarding, sharing your own life in its entirety on Facebook can put you at a great legal risk. It can be a significant problem when the commentary and photos you post are used against you in a court of law. In fact, many social media users are unaware that the Miranda Rights covers everything you
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Being Arrested for Drugs that Weren’t Yours – Colorado Possession Laws

Are you wondering what to do because you were arrested for drug possession for drugs that were not yours? Being arrested can be a scary experience, especially when drug possession is involved. Here's some information on Colorado possession laws:

Drug Possession Attorney in Boulder, CO

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Don’t Take the Risk of Drinking and Driving: New Year’s Eve DUI Checkpoints

DUI Checkpoint on New Year’s Eve in Boulder, CO

DUI Attorney | Boulder, CO | 303-351-5140For many people, this holiday approaches with anticipation as friends and family gather to bring in the new year with fun festivities. More than likely, many people will be celebrating with champagne, wine, a craft brew, or another alcoholic beverage. Here are the facts for New Year's Eve DUI Checkpoints.

DUIs in Boulder, CO

Though New Year’s festivities are just around the corner, be smart and bring in t
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Does a Police Officer have the Right to Search My Car?

Criminal Defense Attorney in Boulder, CO

Criminal Lawyer in Boulder, COYou may have just been pulled over by a police officer and while trying to be cooperative, you consent to whatever the police officer requests without knowing you may be putting yourself at unnecessary risk. While it is a good idea to maintain a cooperative demeanor, it is vital to have a good understanding of your rights while undergoing normal procedures, such as traffic stops in Boulder, CO. Without probably cause, polices o
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