Simple and Aggravated Assault

What is the Difference Between Simple and Aggravated Assault?

If you are charged with a specific kind of assault, you may be wondering what the differences are and what it can mean for your case. The two kinds of assaults, simple assault and aggravated assault, may seem like the same thing at first glance, but it is important to understand the differences and what the distinction between the two means for you. Simple assault is classified as a misdemeanor and can carry a small fine and little to no jail time if convicted. Examples of simple assault include minor injuries, touching or grabbing of an individual, or using threatening words or behavior toward an individual. Aggravated
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Is Facebook a Legal Risk?

Criminal Defense Attorney in Boulder, CO | (303)  351-5140  Social networking on sites like Facebook has its advantages and one major disadvantage. While sharing in your friend’s lives can be rewarding, sharing your own life in its entirety on Facebook can put you at a great legal risk. It can be a significant problem when the commentary and photos you post are used against you in a court of law. In fact, many social media users are unaware that the Miranda Rights covers everything you say, or write, in which you are sharin
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Being Arrested for Drugs that Weren’t Yours

Are you wondering what to do because you were arrested for drug possession for drugs that were not yours? Being arrested can be a scary experience, especially when drug possession is involved.

Drug Possession Attorney in Boulder, CO

Drug Arrest - Virtual ListingIf you been arrested for drug possession, contact a drug possession criminal defense attorney today to get the legal advice you need to defend your cas
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