Drug Possession

Boulder CO Drug Possession Defense AttorneyTo mount a solid defense against drug charges, you must immediately hire a competent Boulder CO Drug Possession Defense Attorney. One who is experienced in handling cases similar to the type of drug charges you are facing. If you secure the legal services of a lawyer who is unqualified to advise you on your particular case, you will increase the chances that the outcome of your case will be devastating. As the maximum penalties under the law may be handed down. Oftentimes, a highly skilled lawyer can obtain substantially better results than you might have thought possible when you were first charged. However, the outcome of your case largely depends upon the drug charges defense that your legal representation will mount inside and outside of the courtroom. This is why choosing an attorney who is best-suited to handle your case is imperative.

Boulder CO Drug Possession Defense Attorney

To be certain you hire the right attorney to represent you, you must understand the type of drug charges you are facing. Not all attorneys can effectively represent you for various drug charges.

  • Drug possession: These charges range from misdemeanors to felonies with varying levels of penalties. They are dependent on the type and amount of drug found, and whether it is being charged as a state or federal crime.
  • Drug cultivation/manufacturing: More severe penalties are set aside for drug cultivation/manufacturing charges as you are also likely being investigated for crimes related to distribution. These cases demand the services of an expert attorney to avoid lengthy incarceration times.
  • Drug trafficking/distribution: Whether drug trafficking/distribution is charged as a federal crime is generally based on the amount of drugs found. Also, whether state lines were allegedly crossed while the drugs were presumably in your possession.

Drug charges that are tried at the state level can be expertly handled by an experienced criminal defense attorney. However, if you are charged with a federal crime, it is critical that you seek the legal services of an attorney with extensive experience in the federal court system. The legal process and laws are not the same at the federal level as at the state level. This means the average criminal defense attorney will be unprepared to represent you.

Boulder CO Criminal Defense Attorney

To ensure you receive the best possible outcome from your case, be certain you carefully choose the best attorney to represent you. One who will aggressively and effectively fight for your rights.  Call the law offices of Attorney Paul Stuber today at (303) 351-5140.