The act of taking another person’s property is taken seriously in Colorado courts regardless of what has been stolen. No matter whether you slipped a candy bar into your pocket or hot-wired a car. If you are being accused of stealing something, you will still find yourself at the other end of a theft charge. Even petty theft charges can come with significant consequences, including jail time, which can be devastating to a person’s future. Even if your charge seems minor, you will still need representation from an attorney who understands theft charges in the state of Colorado. One who can help you get the best possible outcome. For a free legal consultation about your recent theft charge, contact Boulder CO Theft Attorney Paul Stuber today.


Theft charges range from class 2 misdemeanors to class 3 felonies, and should all be taken seriously without exception. If you have allegedly stolen an item or items with combined value of less than $1000, you will be charged with a petty theft misdemeanor. This charge can carry county jail time as well as fines up to $1000.Boulder CO Theft Attorney

Grand theft, or theft of an item or items with a combined value of over $1000, is a felony charge and can result in up to 12 years in the federal prison system. A felony theft conviction can be devastating to the life of the individual who has been charged with the offense, and it is essential to get legal counsel in an attempt to lessen the consequences.


Attorney Paul Stuber has over 25 years’ experience practicing criminal law. Based in Boulder, CO, Paul Stuber can provide you with the information you need and help you build your defense and advise you on how best to protect your legal rights.

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