Don’t Take the Risk of Drinking and Driving: New Year’s Eve DUI Checkpoints

DUI Checkpoint on New Year’s Eve in Boulder, CO

DUI Attorney | Boulder, CO | 303-351-5140For many people, this holiday approaches with anticipation as friends and family gather to bring in the new year with fun festivities. More than likely, many people will be celebrating with champagne, wine, a craft brew, or another alcoholic beverage. Here are the facts for New Year’s Eve DUI Checkpoints.

DUIs in Boulder, CO

Though New Year’s festivities are just around the corner, be smart and bring in the new year keeping yourself and others safe on the road. The legal limit for an individual’s BAC in Colorado is 0.08%. For some, this may mean only 2 drinks in an hour while others can handle 3-4. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Boulder, CO, contact and expert criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

If an officer even slightly suspects a driver to be under the influence, he or she will likely be pulled over. Before even beginning to think about getting behind the wheel of a car, or in a car with someone who has been drinking, listen to the facts. In 2013, more than 590 DUI arrests were made in Boulder County.

Do I have to take a breath test in Boulder, CO?

You don’t have to, but refusing the breath test in Colorado results in an automatic suspension on you license for at least a year. Skip the hassle and save thousands of dollars by calling a cab or designating a driver for the evening.

Dealing with a DUI in Boulder, CO?

If you or a loved one has been arrested in Boulder, CO for driving under the influence, contact an expert criminal defense attorney today. Attorney Paul Stuber is here to help. Call today for a free initial consultation at (303) 351-5140!