When Road Rage Leads to Assault Charges

As our metropolitan freeways become more congested and our commutes to and from work become longer and more frustrating, the phenomenon known as road rage is beginning to reach epidemic proportions. Road rage is characterized as careless, reckless and aggressive behavior behind the wheel, and can escalate pretty quickly from a couple of honks of a car horn to full-blown assault charges.
A typical road rage situation arises from an initial dispute between two or more motorists over a driving-related issue. For example, if an aggressive motorist with tendencies toward road rage feels as though he has been cut off by another driver, or if he feels the vehicle in front of him is moving too slowly, he may react by driving so recklessly to scare or intimidate that motorist that he accidentally puts himself and others in harm’s way with his erratic, careless driving. In the most extreme cases of road rage, the motorist will deliberately try to cause harm to the target of his anger, either by striking him with his vehicle, throwing projectiles, or even threatening to use weapons.
It is important to know that a number of road rage-related offenses can result in an assault charge. Many typical road rage behaviors, from shouting insults and using rude hand gestures to “break checking” a tailgating motorist behind you in a lane, to the more serious offenses that involve physical contact, can all end up leading to assault charges including Misdemeanor Reckless and Careless Driving- Assault and Disorderly Conduct, Felony Menacing, and Felony Vehicular Assault and Homicide.
Driving is an enormous privilege and responsibility that must be taken seriously at all times. Driving aggressively and displaying road rage towards fellow motorists can result in grave consequences which can truly be life-ending for yourself and others around you. If you have been charged with assault in a road rage incident in Boulder County, you need an experienced attorney whom you can trust. Call Boulder CO Assault & Battery Attorney Paul Stuber at 303-351-5140 today to schedule your free initial consultation.